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'Simmering with secrets, this beguiling mystery is a dark delight’ Essie Fox, author of The Fascination 'Builds an uneasy atmosphere that crept under my skin and kept me guessing until the end' Hester Musson, author of The Beholders Can she unlock the secrets of The House of Fever? 1935, Hedoné House, a luxurious sanatorium for the creative elite dedicated to the groundbreaking treatment of tuberculosis. As the doctor’s new wife, Agnes Templeton has pledged her life to a house of fever. But Hedoné is no ordinary hospital.

High society rubs shoulders with artists, poets and musicians. No expense is spared on the comfort of the guests, and champagne flows freely. It’s a world away from everything Agnes knows.

Her husband’s methods are unusual. There are whisperings about past patients and even a cure. Hedoné’s secrets draw Agnes in, revealing truths she could never anticipate, and soon she is caught between a past she is desperate to escape and a future she may forever regret.

Praise for Polly Crosby:

’Hugely evocative and beautifully written’ Anna Mazzola, author of The Clockwork Girl
‘A thoroughly compelling mystery meets a poignant love story, all wrapped up in beautifully lyrical writing’ Frances Quinn, author of The Smallest Man
‘A beguiling mystery from a gifted storyteller’ Louise Fein, author of People Like Us


What readers are saying about Polly Crosby’s books:
'A beautiful and haunting tale of family, love, control and connections. This book and its characters will stay with me for a long time' Netgalley reviewer
'A lush and evocative novel of loss and forbidden love' Netgalley reviewer 'Beautifully written, a dark and moody yet intriguing story' Netgalley reviewer
'An extraordinary book that I read in a 4 hour straight session without stopping for food or drink … A spellbinding read' Netgalley reviewer
Paperback @ £9.99
Publication Date 15th August 2024

The House of Fever by Polly Crosby

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