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Wendy Holden is an experienced author and novelist with more than thirty published books, many of which are bestsellers. 

Her non-fiction titles have championed the lives of remarkable people.

The international bestseller Born Survivors which tells the true story of three young mothers who hid their pregnancies from the Nazis and gave birth in the concentration camps.  'One Hundred Miracles' tells the true story of the teenage piano prodigy and Bach devotee Zuzana Ruzickova who survived three concentration camps and slave labour with her mother, almost ruining her hands forever, but fought back under Communist rule to become one of the world’s foremost musicians and the first person to ever record the complete works of Bach. 

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About Roger Ley

Roger Ley was born and educated in London, and spent some of his formative years in Saudi Arabia. Having completed his initial pilot training and gained an engineering degree, he somewhat optimistically applied to NASA for astronaut training, but, unfortunately, was not selected. He worked as an engineer in the oilfields of North Africa and in the North Sea for some years before starting a career in higher education. His writing has appeared in publications including The Guardian, Readers Digest, The Oldie and Best of British. His speculative fiction has been podcast, broadcast and appeared internationally on numerous websites. He has published five works of speculative fiction and a collection of autobiographical stories. He lives in Suffolk.


 ‘The Muslim Prince’

What if Princess Diana hadn't died in the Paris car crash in 1997?

In this alternate reality, Diana converts to Islam and marries Dodi Fayed; Prince William succeeds to the throne; and Diana re-joins the Royal Family as Queen Mother and a Muslim. Meanwhile, her grandson, James, who is next in line to the throne, falls under the spell of a Saudi Arabian Princess, who wants him to convert and become the first Muslim King of England.

In this intriguing thriller, the future King of England treads a difficult path through a religiously divided nation, while international forces attempt to capture the British Royal Family by highly unusual means.
This book can be read independently, but follows on from the plot of ‘Chronoscape’.


Natalie Meg Evans

Natalie Meg Evans is the best-selling author of eight novels:

The Dress Thief, The Milliner’s Secret, Summer in the Vineyards, The Wardrobe Mistress, The Secret Vow, Into the Burning Dawn, The Paris Girl with themes of wartime, high fashion, love and loss. 

Most recent release is The Italian Girl’s Secret, A heart-wrenching, high stakes novel set in wartime Italy.

Natalie has a son and two rescue dogs, a labrador and a malinois.
She lives in a small, local village where, occasionally, time seems to stand still. Time off is spent walking the lanes, watching the wildlife and changing seasons, singing in local churches and cooking. She is currently re-learning the guitar.

Learn more about this very successful local author and find out more about her many titles... https://nataliemegevans.uk/


Although originally from  London Irene and her husband bought a house in Chediston in 1968, where they tried to live a life of self-sufficiency, keeping goats and chickens as well as making most of their furniture and clothes, the outside work being done by Reg on their 4 and a half acres. From 1981 Irene was headteacher at Wilby Primary School until her retirement. After her husband's unexpected death Irene moved into Halesworth where she has had more time to follow interests such as writing.       


In spite of not owning a computer and writing by hand, Irene has published her first novel, a romantic thriller, set locally, which has proved popular. Based on the real-life stories of woman whose whole lives had been taken over by fraudsters, women who were intelligent, educated, and confident and yet were taken in, Irene wanted to explore how that could happen and set out to write the novel.      

Encouraged by reviews on Amazon such as "Really well thought-out plot, lots of twists that I wasn't expecting. Highly recommended" and "A real page-turner, brilliantly crafted to make you read on", Irene is now planning a second book set in Southwold.