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Friday Evening with wine - 2024

We are offering an evening event with refreshments and the opportunity to meet the author, listen to them talk about their book/books and ask questions. And as we hope you appreciate these free events, in turn you will buy lots of books! All authors will be happy to sign.


Friday 26th January

Edward Wilson - Farewell Dinner for a Spy


Ted, Edward Wilson should have been with us to talk about his latest in the Catesby series ‘Farewell Dinner for a Spy’. Sadly we couldn’t go ahead due to his recent operation. However, we were so thrilled when he called in to sign copies last week and so Impressed how well he looked.

We will arrange another date for later in the year TBC.  Signed copies available. Buy Farewell Dinner for a Spy here. 

Friday 23rd February

James Henry - The Winter Visitor 


Essex, February, 1991. The weather is biting cold. Everyone would rather be somewhere warmer, which is why it's a big surprise when a wanted drug smuggler, Bruce Hopkins, risks a return to his old haunts in Colchester after a decade long exile on the Costa del Sol. Lured back by a letter from the wife Hopkins left behind, no one is more surprised than him when he finds himself abducted and stripped bare only to be sent to a watery grave in the boot of a stolen Ford Sierra. The police wonder if it could be retaliation from a Spanish gang, sending a warning to their English counterparts?

James Henry is the pen name for James Gurbutt. He has written four prequels to R.D WingCield's Frost series and three Essex-based novels featuring DI Nick Lowry. He works in publishing and lives in Essex. 

Buy The Winter Visitor here. 

Friday 22nd March

Ian McFadyen - The Murky World of Timothy Wall 

image_6487327 (5).JPG

The Murky World of Timothy Wall is a new novel in the DI Carmichael series of crime novels from the inventive pen of Ian McFadyen (9th in the series).

A local private detective, Timothy Wall, is OK with allowing his secretary to finish a little earlier than normal to go out on a date with her new boyfriend. After all, all he has left to do that afternoon was to meet a new client at 5.20pm. But who was the stranger watching her leave the building, from the vantage point of a nearby café? Why was he watching her? Later that night a cleaner employed by a contract cleaning company finds the blood-stained corpse of Timothy Wall in his office. Stock, the irascible forensic scientist, confirms, with his typical bad grace, that it is, indeed a murder case. Carmichael and his team of detectives find the case to be a complex one that taxes their combined abilities as never before.

Buy The Murky World of Timothy Wall here. 

Friday 26th April

John Nightingale - The Appearance of Murder

image (10).png

Crime writer David Knight is dragged back into a past in which it seems he might have fathered a child or even committed murder. Neither possibility is going to be popular with his wife Kate. The trouble is that David hasn’t a clue about what actually happened…

‘The most teasingly pleasurable crime mystery novel I’ve come across this year is The Appearance of Murder. The plot is cunningly set up around a novelist writing a crime mystery novel which then dissolves into the real thing. Or perhaps not. The play of appearance and reality is maintained to a satisfying denouement.’
The Times, Books of the Year 2015

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