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HOMECOMING - This is a beautiful, guided nature journal with gorgeous monthly introductions from award-winning writer Melissa Harrison who is local to Suffolk.


Nobody writes about the natural world like her' INDIA KNIGHT
'Deserves to be the go-to guide for a rewilding generation' KATE BRADBURY

A year-long course in noticing designed to plug you back into the rhythm of the seasons.

Begin in any month and continue round to the start.

Follow the stories, small and large, unfolding all around you - whether you live in the heart of a city or deepest countryside.

Connect to nature, boost your wellbeing and find your way in the living world.

Establish your own rituals, high points and habits to carry you through the year.

Homecoming includes a monthly bird-by-ear as well as rewarding and inspiring activities from meteor spotting to marking each equinox, citizen science to caring for your nearby wild.


Available 7th November 2024. Pre-order your hardback now.

Homecoming by Melissa Harrison

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