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Thurs 26th October, 11am. Children's Meet the Author & Crafts

Kate Rolf will be with us at The Halesworth Bookshop. Reading from her amazing new children's picture book, Wolf and Bear.

A heartfelt story about a playful young wolf and her best friend, Bear. The two best friends always play together, whether it's paddling in the stream, skidding in the snow, or tumbling in the falling leaves. But sometimes Bear feels sad and wants to be alone. . . Wolf and Bear is a beautiful tale of kindness and hope, exploring the topic of depression.

Authentic and sensitively illustrated, this picture book gently introduces young children to a topic which can often be difficult to discuss. Written and illustrated by the hugely talented Kate Rolfe, winner of the V&A Student Illustrator of the Year Award 2022.

There will be craft activities to follow Kate's storytelling.

This hardback picture book, aimed at 4-8 year olds is £12.99, but £10 to all who attend our exciting event.

Please Note - One Free Signed Copy To The School/Pre-School Who Has The Most Attending Children.

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