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Friday 23rd Feb - James Henry

Essex, February, 1991. The weather is biting cold. Everyone would rather be somewhere warmer, which is why it's a big surprise when a wanted drug smuggler, Bruce Hopkins, risks a return to his old haunts in Colchester after a decade long exile on the Costa del Sol. Lured back by a letter from the wife Hopkins left behind, no one is more surprised than him when he finds himself abducted and stripped bare only to be sent to a watery grave in the boot of a stolen Ford Sierra. The police wonder if it could be retaliation from a Spanish gang, sending a warning to their English counterparts?

James Henry is the pen name for James Gurbutt. He has written four prequels to R.D WingCield's Frost series and three Essex- based novels featuring DI Nick Lowry. He works in publishing and lives in Essex. 

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