Start from the very beginning and learn to make your own unique, exciting paper flowers. Paper flowers are ideal for any crafter: the results are stunning - and the steps to get there are achievable at any skill level. 'Build a Flower' will teach the basic techniques needed for crafting paper flowers, building upon skills as it moves through a select number of flowers and focusing on key tips: what type of paper works best, petal shapes that work for multiple flowers, how to assemble, and more. With photographs and step-by-step instructions as their guide, readers will learn to build five flowers, variation ideas for their colouring, and final arrangements. This beginner book will open the door to a wide variety of possibilities and will help establish a new audience well versed in the craft, returning time and again to this book's pages for inspiration and encouragement.

Build a Flower: A Beginner's Guide to Paper Flowers

  • Harry N. Abrams, Inc.